Christian Roosen

Graduate Geographer

Christian Roosen works as a project manager for aquabench in Cologne. Alongside his natural and social sciences background from his study of geography, he puts his additional qualifications in project management [Project Manager and Project Leader – Chamber of Commerce and Industry] and process optimisation [Six Sigma] to use in our customers' complex projects.

Based on his experience in the processes of wastewater treatment, analytics and information technology, he is the contact for the development of management cockpits for the control of improvement processes and  process optimisation. Further main activities include the development of software solutions for investment controlling for the goal-oriented planning and controlling of strategic and operative investment activities as well as the visualisation and analysis of material flows for the identification of inefficiencies and savings potentials in the handling of resources.

Major competencies

  • Project management
  • Investment controlling
  • Process analysis and optimisation in particular in wastewater treatment

Phone: +49 2203 359 29-28